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The So Cal Remodelers & Custom Builders Council
For Business & Consumers 

The Remodelers & Custom Builders Council is a professional network created to help remodelers identify ways to establish and maintain credibility with customers, exchange ideas, and develop new services as needed.


Beautiful homes. Happy clients. This is what we're all about.  


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Your home. Our Concern.


 For Remodelers

The Southern California Remodelers & Custom Builers Council is a group of top remodelers from all over Southern California that meet to introduce new ideas into the building, design and construction marketplace. Attend their monthly meetings to find out what’s new in your zip code and how you can grow your business.

 For Consumers

Find the best remodelers and designers in the business that can help you with projects that range from house to commercial remodeling.


The So Cal Remodelers & Custom Builders Council works with local policymakers to help set the standards and codes that ensure that your remodel is structurally sound and is designed with state of the art features such as sustainability in mind.



The Southern California Remodelers & Custom Builders Council is the premiere resource for Certified Aging in Place education. Remodeling professionals as well as consumers can get the information that they need to maintain their quality of life, from markets, to maintenance, best practices for now and the future.

Additionally, Boomers that are caring for their parents can find the resources that they need.

Certified Aging in Place Remodeling

Aging in Place remodeling is about creating a home that you can live in forever.  The council is made up of the industry’s top professionals that focus on giving you the information that you need to create safe, functional living spaces, while maintaining your home’s beauty.   

 With so many lifestyle and living options, it is necessary to get counseling geared towards your individual taste and needs. There are several key areas that you should focus on when remodeling your home for future needs such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom but there are other areas of the home that may need attention as well.


People with Disabilities Remodeling

State and local administrators have created laws which dictate that buildings, whether housing or commercial be accessible for people with disabilities.  Our main concerns when addressing this type of remodel, is your ability to safely get in and out of your home and easy access to the things that you use in your everyday life around your home.

Green/Sustainable Remodeling 

 Remodeling a home is intrinsically more green that building a new one. Green Remodeling starts by considering the old and making it more energy efficient. The So Cal Remodelers & Custom Builders Council incorporates the best building and design practices and uses materials that are least harmful to the environment.