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Serving the
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in Southern California:

- Imperial County

- Kern County

- Los Angeles County

- Orange County

- Riverside County

- San Bernardino County

- Ventura County 


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Our Code of Ethics

Remodelers with the Building Industry Association of Southern California's Remodelers & Custom Builders Council maintain the highest Code of Ethics. To be considered a Member in Good Standing of the Remodelers & Custom Builders Council members must adhere to the following:

  • Maintain a high level of integrity in conducting business with the general public, clients, associates and local government.
  • Work continuously to improve the craftsmanship and quality of products within the construction industry for the ultimate benefit of the customer.
  • Create products to be sold at a fair price and provide proper service after completion of construction.
  • Support resolution of disputes through arbitration.
  • Cooperate with regulatory agencies to produce codes and legislation beneficial to the general public.
  • Strive to eliminate excessive regulations that increase consumer costs.
  • Obtain and maintain a good image with local governments and the general public by meeting or exceeding commitments completely and promptly.
  • Participate in worthwhile community affairs that relate to the areas outside the construction industry as well as those within.
  • Strive to prevent and eliminate misrepresentation of the construction industry through advertising, publicity, contractual documents or oral communications. 
  • Provide fair and equal employment in all facets of our industry.