Water Efficiency is the New Green
Friday, July 31, 2015 at 12:18PM
Remodelers and Custom Builders Council

As the drought continues to plague Southern California, water prices are trending upward and municipalities are clamping down on usage. Thus, the residential construction industry is striving to find ways to conserve our water resources.

“Water is finite, and if a home is going to require too much, the jurisdiction can say ‘game over,'” says Kim Shanahan, executive officer of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.

Shanahan’s HBA, along with the Green Builder Coalition, Build Green New Mexico and members of the city’s water conservation committee, has developed one solution: software that generates a Water Efficiency Rating Score, or WERS. The system is in the pilot testing phase.

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Article originally appeared on Remodeler's Council of Southern California (http://socalremodeling.org/).
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